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Promotion, Promotion, Promotion: Wait, What is This Blog Post About Again?

Having an explainer video made is just the first step in using one for your business. Once you get the

6 Ways of Creating Business Videos & the Best Uses for Each One

As an intelligent business person, you already know you should be using video and have probably even looked into it

How to Ensure Your Customer Service Keeps Up with Your Rapid Growth

You and your customers are now just a simple click away from each other in this increasingly connected world. But,

Prospector Trades Opts for Amazing Animation Over Tedious Text

One of the great things here at WizMotions is that we get to work with a variety of clients. From

What Goes Into a Creative Brief for an Animated Business Video?

For any creative project you do, you’ll be required to fill out a creative brief. This could be in the

4 Outrageous Small Business Promotional Tactics (That Actually Worked)

Small businesses have small budgets, so they have to be creative when promoting themselves. We, of course, always recommend animated

How to Build Better Brand Awareness with Animated Explainer Videos

We’ve already gone over how animated explainer videos help you with SEO, help you with your training initiatives and help

animated explainer videos

Oregon State University Alumni Association Chooses Animation to Stand Out

One of the great things here at WizMotions is that we get to work with a large variety of clients.

7 Common Explainer Video Mistakes that Hinder Conversions

If your company relies on explainer videos to act as a brand ambassador to your company, then that video needs

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