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How to Make an Emotional Connection with Viewers Using Animation

Animated video isn’t just about keeping people engaged and entertained, you also want to connect with them on an emotional

Animated Video Helps Insurance Company Break Out of Restraints of Industry Traditions

While traditions are often great, sometimes they can get a little stuffy. When this happens, there’s nothing better than to

Just How Long Does This Animated Video Thing Take, Anyway?

We’ve talked before about how long your explainer video should be, but now we’d like to talk about the length

How to Explain Your Complex Business Concept in Just One Minute

Let’s play a quick game of word association. When we say “business presentation,” what is the first word that comes

How Video Can Help Businesses with their Internal Communications

We mostly think of video as a way of communicating with customers, but it is a valuable tool when communicating

AI Company Hooks Client Interest with Animated Video

While the team at Diffeo wanted to give prospective clients a clear picture of what the company does, they also

Why an Animated Series is the Way to Go When Using Video for Your Business

Many of the business customers we have end up making more than one video. Usually, they make a video, see

How to Claw Your Way to the Top of YouTube’s Search Rankings

Among the many ways there are to promote your animated business video, simply being at the top of YouTube’s search

Watch Your Email Marketing Click-Through Rate Skyrocket with Video

Email inboxes are messy, crowded places full of personal messages, spam, special offers, spam, forgotten subscriptions and spam. To stand

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