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7 Steps to the Perfect Video Brainstorming Session

We talk a lot about how you should make your business video, what’s important to include in it, how to

5 Things to Do When Soliciting Testimonials from B2B Customers

We all know that recommendations from friends and family, as well as customer reviews, heavily influence purchasing decisions for people.

Why You Should Use a Professional Voiceover Artist for Your Animated Video

When a company decides to have an explainer video made, sometimes they try to save money in certain areas. They

7 Ways to Make Videos that Connect with Your Audience

You’ve finally procured a budget and you’re all set to begin with video marketing, but there’s just one little problem

6 Scary, Creepy, Disturbing and Macabre Animated Videos to Spook You on Halloween

We’re not all about business business business here at WizMotions. Sometimes we like to have a little fun, too. Seeing

7 Types of Video that Help You Turn Prospects into Customers

We talk a lot about explainer videos here at WizMotions (they’re kind of our thing), but you need more than

How to Use Video to Vastly Improve Your Live Events

Video is often thought of as something you just park on your YouTube channel and embed in the various landing

How to Make an Emotional Connection with Viewers Using Animation

Animated video isn’t just about keeping people engaged and entertained, you also want to connect with them on an emotional

Animated Video Helps Insurance Company Break Out of Restraints of Industry Traditions

While traditions are often great, sometimes they can get a little stuffy. When this happens, there’s nothing better than to

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