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10 Marketing Experts You Should Follow (But, Not Like in a Stalkery Way)

Digital marketing can be tricky to figure out. Just when you think you’re doing something right, Google, Facebook or Amazon

8 Ways to Connect with Your Audience with Instagram Stories

With 250 million users each day, Instagram Stories is a platform that many brands will want to be on. The

How Animated Characters Humanize Your Brand

Here is a counterintuitive statement: animated characters allow you to humanize your brand. But, how does a completely non-human thing

Over a Dozen Easy Ways to Extend the View Time on Your Facebook Videos

One of the most important metrics for Facebook video is watch time. You don’t just want people to watch your

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Strategy in 2018

Is your social media strategy just kind of … ok? Like, is it perfectly adequate? Just kinda chugging along and

Setting the Scene for Your 2018 Video Marketing Game Plan

When you are making marketing decisions, it’s always helpful to have up-to-date data to help you make those decisions. Every

Hard or Soft, Which is Better for an Animated Video CTA?

Much like how sometimes you want hard ice cream and other times there’s nothing better than a cone of soft

4 Most Important Metrics to Measure to Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Videos

Your videos are competing with a virtual sea of content from your competitors to the latest viral sensation. If you’ve

3 Ways to Use Video Marketing on LinkedIn

When talking about video marketing, we often hear about YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and paid media options, but we don’t hear

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