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Wedding Presentation Ideas for Wedding Invitation Video & Animation

Your Love Story In Sketch Animated Video… From The First Date To The Wedding in 90 Seconds (Or Less!) Here’s

Case Study: Doodle Animation Video for Oleg @

CLIENT OVERVIEW: For many parents and school aged children (and teenagers in this case) the appearance of their smile, or


Whiteboard Animation Software for WordPress

We thought it would be cool to create a simple whiteboard animation software that you can always use for all

wizMotions Scholarhip

The wizMotions scholarship was established to assist artists and video editing and production students with their education.  Our grants are


How To Fix Shaky Videos In YouTube [Solved!]

Have you noticed some of your videos in YouTube are shaky and you wish to find an easy solution to

Case Study: Whiteboard Animation for Trevian @

CLIENT OVERVIEW: The cost of attending college puts a college education out of reach for many students and their families.

How wizMotions Creates Your Whiteboard Animation Video

We can agree that the use of video has changed the way marketing is done online, correct? Now, using video

Social Media Marketing: Showing The World Your Sketch Video

A Youtube video entitled, “How Old Are Your Ears?” broke 6 million views in only 2 months. Why do you

Hosting Your Animation Video: Youtube or Another Option?

So you’ve made an animation video for your business.  The entire purpose behind creating a video for a product or

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