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Different Categories of Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography refers to a technical name for moving text. This technique mixes movement with text to express ideas with


History of Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the art of animating text to increase its impact on readers by increasing the emotive and interactive

RSA Style Whiteboard Animation Videos By wizMotions

As a leading supplier of custom made whiteboard animation videos for businesses, many customers come to wizMotions looking for videos


How To Add Clickable “Call to Action” Buttons & Links Using vooPlayer

We get asked quite a bit how to add clickable links inside the video or clickable images inside the video


Video Contest! Pick your favorite and win $50 Amazon gift card!

Hello everyone!  We are going to try some more friendly competition among our amazing team here at wizMotions!  I split


6 + 1 Tips For Creating A Great Explainer Video & Hiring The Right Company

6 Tips For Creating A Top-Notch Explainer Video Plus One Unethical Trick Most Video Animation Companies Are Using To “Manipulate”


Open positions

Why Join Us At wizMotions? You’ve probably never worked with anyone like us before. We’re passionate about creating videos and

Best Screencasting & Video Tools Any Business Can’t Live Without

Are you having a difficult time sharing your feedback on projects you’re working on with your colleagues and freelancers? If


This is what happens when you make conclusions fast (Funny Drawing)

We wanted to share with you a quick funny story that was happening behind the scenes when we recently completed

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