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This Will KILL Your Business In 2016… If You Don’t Take Action!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Imagine you’re standing in the middle of a boxing ring, and two of the biggest UFC fighters are battling it

[Case Study] How Got 317% Increase in Sales Using An Informative Explainer Video

Their Story Gary Thompson, President of, recognized that over 7 million couples are actively trying to conceive and begin

[Case Study] 33 New Customers In 3 Days & $6600 In Sales Using A Fun Animated Video For His Business

Their Story Ray Hodge is responsible for creating a buzz about in order to increase awareness and circulation of the

[Case Study] How This Short Explainer Video Helped This Author Sell 10,000+ Books & Earn Amazon’s #1 Spot in Just 3 Months!

His Story Mark J. Silverman is commonly referred to as a “Force of Nature.” People who spend time with him

[Case Study] TheTyros Had A Tough Deadline And Needed 2 Whiteboard Videos Created Within 72 Hours

Their Story Kyle, owner of an innovative, athlete centered social media platform, has created a safe online location available to

[Case Study] How This Attorney Doubled His Conversions Using A Whiteboard Video

Their Story Jeff, an Iowa bankruptcy attorney, prides himself on relieving hundreds of clients’ financial burdens by executing efficient and

How To Download Facebook Videos On Your Computer

So you found an awesome video on Facebook and you want to download it on your computer or phone for

5 Unique & Powerful Ways To Make People Stick Watching Your Videos

The days of competing with other businesses are OVER! You may think I’m crazy? Well, you heard me right. Companies


Different Categories of Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography refers to a technical name for moving text. This technique mixes movement with text to express ideas with

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