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Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

  Video is one of the biggest drivers of traffic online and is known to keep the attention of potential

How to Create Captivating Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are crucial to increasing your video’s visibility. If you have gone through all the work of coming up

Guide to App Demonstration Video

After building and finalizing an app, you need to attract users, but how do you get people to download your

How to Create an Employee Onboarding Video

A successful onboarding process helps new employees understand their roles and how to perform their responsibilities best. Employee onboarding videos

How to write a video script

How to Write a Video Script

Video has rapidly become one of the best methods of modern marketing. A well-written ad video can increase engagement and

whiteboard videos

Whiteboard Video Examples

A whiteboard video is a great marketing tool that many forward-thinking businesses all over the globe successfully use to create

Guide to YouTube Video Ads

YouTube continues to grow in its popularity and is one of the most visited websites each month. Many users also

instructional video

How to Make an Instructional Video

How to Make an Instructional Video If you’ve ever looked up a how-to video, you know how valuable this content

How to Please Bing & Rank at the Top of the Voice Search Results

Voice search is where it’s at. We know, we know. There’s always something new you have to keep up with

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