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When You Should Use Whiteboard Animation

  Whiteboard animation, the art of having a video drawn in front of the viewer, is extremely popular and effective

The Power of Telling Your Brand Story with Video

Who you are as a business matters. What you stand for. How you started. Your journey of success as well

4 Reasons Custom Animation Outweighs DIY Animation Programs

As you continue to develop and rework your marketing and even internal training efforts, video should be a big part

Impactful Ways to Share your New Whiteboard Video

So, you’ve done it, you made the decision to jump into whiteboard video animation and now have an incredible new

A Brief History of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation, also known as doodle art and sketch animation, is an incredibly popular form of hand drawn animation most

whiteboard animation

How Whiteboard Animation Helps Increase Brand Awareness and Internal Collaboration

Whiteboard animation is the technique of using drawings and sketches to illustrate concepts in a more engaging way. It has

Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

  Video is one of the biggest drivers of traffic online and is known to keep the attention of potential

How to Create Captivating Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are crucial to increasing your video’s visibility. If you have gone through all the work of coming up

Guide to App Demonstration Video

After building and finalizing an app, you need to attract users, but how do you get people to download your

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