Best Screencasting & Video Tools Any Business Can’t Live Without

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Are you having a difficult time sharing your feedback on projects you’re working on with your colleagues and freelancers?

If you’re not using any software or tool yet, then you have 2 options:

  1. Trying to explain everything through chat, voice, text and lots of documents back and forth.
  2. Or clicking the “Print Screen” on your keyboard in order to create a screenshots so you can  send images to them.

After working with 300+ clients over the last year alone, creating animated explainer videos for them, I wanted to take few minutes and point out some cool tools we find out handy when we are collaborating with our team and clients.

Jing by TechSmith – I personally use this every day when I want to share a screenshot or idea on the fly with my team without saving files on my desktop or sending  anything. It works perfectly well either with  screenshots or videos. You just click the Jing icon on your taskbar, click “Capture” and then “Share”. Within few seconds you’ll have a link you can paste absolutely anywhere. The best part? No messy desktop with temporary files.

capture example

Screenr by Articulate – Instant video recording tool, no software to download. Just visit the web site, click Record and start recording your screen. Once you’re done, you can share your screencasts anywhere you want.  It captures your computer screen and voice up to 5 minutes!


What are your best tools for collaboration? If you’re using any other video tool(s), please share it with us on the comments section below.


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