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Today there’s an app to solve just about every problem. Apps can do everything, from simple tasks such as taking notes to more complex endeavors, such as helping people get in better shape.

With many apps available, you need to find a way to make yours stand out to maximize your conversions and get more downloads. Screenshots and reviews help, but the best tool for marketing your app is a custom app demonstration video.

App demonstration videos allow you to give your potential users a better look at how your app works and addresses their needs. These videos let viewers get up close and personal with your app before they commit to downloading, signing up or making a purchase.

Why App Demo Videos Work

Video is an increasingly popular medium for online content because it delivers much more information without requiring any extra effort from viewers. A quick, concise video can communicate much more effectively than a wall of text that readers may skim over or skip altogether.

You can share your app demonstration video anywhere online, including app stores, your website and social media. Viewers are more likely to share and post videos across social media than other types of content, so your video has the potential to reach a larger viewer base.

Videos can be fun, entertaining or emotionally charged to create a relatable or entertaining narrative that potential customers will connect with. You can make a good first impression and let them know how useful your app is.

App demo videos also allow customers to get a feel for how your app works before they commit to installing it on their devices. These videos help build realistic expectations, answer questions and make customers feel more confident your app will solve their problems or serve their purpose.

Our Animated Video Demonstrations for Apps

Most app demonstration videos you see online are live action, with hired actors showing how an app works. While this format can be effective, thinking outside the box can help your app stand out in the crowd.

Animating your video creates a professional, polished look and opens up endless possibilities for how you can showcase your app. You can do things through animation that aren’t possible through live action — at least not without a huge budget. 

At wizMotions, we offer four styles of animation designed to perfectly demonstrate your app:

When you choose us for a custom video for your app demonstration, we will help you determine which option will best demonstrate your app and communicate with your customers. 

Why Work With wizMotions?

When you partner with wizMotions as your app demo video creation company, our team of in-house artists gets right to work. We learn everything there is to know about your app and create a 100% unique video. We keep you in the loop and check for feedback every step of the way, so you can be sure your video is perfect.

Find out more about how wizMotions can create a custom app demo video for you. Give us a call at 732-943-3337 or contact us for a no-obligation consultation with our team.

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