Animation Better Than Talking Head for Promoting New Brand Says CEO

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Jim Owens

When JobFormance CEO Jim Owens had to decide how he wanted to promote his new brand, the decision was easy: Animation.

Working in the talent acquisition field, JobFormance does recruiting, outplacement work, job coaching and career development. It primarily works with companies looking for new talent.

After seeing various whiteboard videos online, Owens and his team decided to use whiteboard animation so they could tell job candidates and client companies alike about one of their most important tools, the JobFaxReport. Having a video to explain the tool saves on Owens and his staff having to repeatedly explain it to people.

Animation Appeal

Owens said he and his team gravitated toward animation because they thought it would be good to use a different medium rather than just having a person talking in front of a camera.

“It’s a fun video and a fun way to present the information,” Owens said during a recent interview. “I’m glad I did this as a form of alternative media versus doing a live action video or Facebook Live or something like that.”

JobFormance made two different videos about the JobFaxReport. One is aimed at job candidates to explain the tool and the second video is aimed at client companies and explains how these JobFaxReports benefit the client companies

Owens pointed out that many job candidates believe that they give their resume to JobFormance, which then forwards the resume directly to a client. However, as JobFormance’s videos explain, the company performs an analysis on the job candidate to create its JobFaxReport, and that is the document provided to their clients.

The JobFaxReport is geared toward business owners, human resources managers and other hiring authorities and includes:

  • a simplified resume,
  • a candidate profile,
  • a Peer Review of the candidate,
  • a JobFit Assessment,
  • a degree verification, and
  • a background check.  

“We want to give them more than a resume on a candidate,” Owens said. “We want to give them a JobFormance report detailing the candidate beyond the resume. They can also order the JobFaxReport for Organization Development and Coaching of current employees and finally they can order the JobFaxReport if they are letting people go.  We can provide the outplaced employees with JobFaxReports to help them find new roles in the marketplace.”   

Their videos are currently being used on the company’s social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along with its website. JobFormance also makes reference to the videos in its print material with a screenshot and points people to places online they can view the videos.

The Process

Aside from a brief phone call, the entire process happened online and went about as smoothly as Owens could have hoped.

After filling out the creative brief, WizMotions wrote a preliminary script and sent it to JobFormance. Owens and his team made some minute changes to it and handed it back to WizMotions who expanded it to a full script and created a storyboard out of it.

“I felt like they really captured what we do and how we wanted to do it and how we wanted to present those videos,” Owens said. “It was really a simple process.”

Although Owens said he doesn’t have any solid numbers about the videos, anecdotal feedback has been positive. The company has more tools it wants to promote and plans to use more WizMotions videos for that, likely in the fourth quarter of this year.

“As we roll out JobFormance as a new brand, we’re going to be using the videos more and more to tell candidates about our tools,” he explained.

Looking to go beyond just a talking head video, JobFormance has worked with WizMotions to craft a pair of quick, fun and informative videos that perfectly capture the JobFaxReport tool JobFormance wanted to spotlight.

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