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While the team at Diffeo wanted to give prospective clients a clear picture of what the company does, they also didn’t want to overwhelm those prospects with too much information. Being able to give a quick glimpse at how Diffeo works was a big part of the reason the business chose to go with an animated explainer video.

Emily Pavlini

“We initially thought about doing a screen recording to show what using Diffeo’s tool looks like in action, but we realized that might be too deep a dive for what we wanted to accomplish,” Diffeo Product Manager Emily Pavlini said during a recent interview. “We really wanted something that gave a higher-level overview of what Diffeo does without diving into the nitty gritty details. A brief, animated video was the perfect solution.”

Diffeo is an AI-powered research assistant that connects to all open windows on a user’s computer, like browser pages and documents, and helps the user to make connections between all the data that is available to it, including what the user is writing in open documents.

In addition to that, Diffeo can also conduct web research across multiple languages and sources and also within team documents to look for relevant information. It makes connections within this data and highlights details of potential interest in real time. Diffeo’s algorithms also learn from the user’s behavior, meaning it tailors its research to the user’s interests in the subject. This ultimately helps Diffeo make better recommendations. Diffeo presents its research and recommendations alongside a user’s own research, ranked and backed up by contextual evidence.

“Our current users are intelligence analysts with some of the most demanding information access challenges in the world,” Pavlini said.

Animation Appeal

With such a complex tool, the Diffeo team wanted something that could convey Diffeo’s highlights to people who are completely new to it.

“We wanted to create a short animated video that would clearly and concisely explain what Diffeo does to visitors to our site and potential customers in sales meetings,” Pavlini explained.

The video acts as a good introduction to the product and helps capture people’s interest, opening the door to more in-depth discussions.  

“Our WizMotions video has helped us quickly give potential customers and users a high-level overview of what Diffeo does so we can spend more time having meaningful conversations about Diffeo’s capabilities and potential use cases and applications,” the product manager noted.

The Process

Pavlini said the Diffeo team had an idea for a story they wanted to tell and the WizMotions team helped them to refine the script to make sure their messaging was getting across clearly. As a bonus, the process of writing the video script and having to communicate what Diffeo does in about a minute helped Diffeo refine its messaging in general.

“WizMotions was incredibly helpful with figuring out how to communicate the story visually,” she added.

Diffeo used its animated video as a sort of gateway for potential clients. Using a simple narrative and graphics, the company provided enough of an overview of the product to get the attention of prospective clients and open the door for deeper conversations about how it could specifically help those prospects in their businesses.

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