How To Add Clickable “Call to Action” Buttons & Links Using vooPlayer

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We get asked quite a bit how to add clickable links inside the video or clickable images inside the video so that you can give your viewers a call-to-action. These literally appear right inside your video.

This is extremely important to do in your video marketing campaigns as it allows your visitors an easy click to go the the next step after they watch the video or even any time during the video.  You can use these in many ways, like:

1.  Take them to a check-out page to buy a product

2.  A registration page to submit their email address

3.  Add “click-to-call” phone numbers

4.  Take them to a page with the next video in the series

5.  You can even just add general information, it doesn’t have to be clickable!

This list goes on and on…

In this video tutorial I show you how to do just that using vooPlayer, our very own software product in the IMW Enterprises product line.

Check out this video and see how easy this is to accomplish.  Afterwards register to use vooPlayer for 21 days for free, no credit card required.  And if you love vooPlayer and all the marketing features it offers, which I know you will, use this coupon code to continue using it after your trial…

Coupon code: WIZMOTIONSVIP25

That coupon code will give you 25% off the regular price as a special thank you for being a wizMotions customer.  We don’t offer this coupon anywhere else.

OK on to the video:

Click HERE to register for the vooPlayer free trial




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