9 Apps Every Real Estate Agent Needs in Their Marketing Arsenal

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Being a real estate agent has numerous benefits, including the sense of accomplishment you get from helping people find their dream home. It can be equally satisfying helping people sell their home so they can begin a new chapter in their lives.

But, being a real estate agent can also get hectic. Meetings, phone calls, open houses and celebratory dinners all take time and energy to pull off. Like any type of business person, a real estate agent can use all the help he/she can get.

Fortunately, there are some great apps out there to help real estate agents make dreams come true for their house hunting clients.

1. Open Home Pro

animated business videosThis free app is designed to make open houses smoother. It allows you to store all your open house visitors’ contact information in one convenient place, plus notes about them and their comments about the house.

Features include a digital sign-in sheet with customizable questions; visitors notes; lead exporting and shareable single-property websites.

It is designed to work with Open Home Pro Premium, but will also work as a standalone app.

Open Home Pro is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.

2. Periscope

animated business videosChances are you’ve already heard of Periscope and may already be familiar with it. It is a live streaming app and the beauty of this app for real estate agents is it allows them to show a house to a prospective buyer even if that buyer is in a different location.

You simply start your tour and use your phone to show the prospective buyers the house and answer any questions they may have as you go along. You can save your broadcasts and publish them on your website so others can enjoy the same virtual tour.

You don’t just have to stop at tours, either. Take some footage of your latest open house or give a sneak peek into your latest listing as a teaser for prospective buyers.

Periscope is free in iTunes and Google Play.

3. Trello

animated business videosIf you’re still using post it notes as a reminder for yourself (or even the digital version that came pre-bundled with your phone), then Trello will change your life.animated business videos

It’s a much more robust to-do list than merely keeping track of things in your calendar app. You can create boards for each client, create a task list for that client and then mark things as done as you complete them.

You can use it between your phone and your other devices and even share your boards and task lists with others in the office for easy collaboration, even if you’re not there.

Trello is available for free from iTunes and Google Play.


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4. Zello Walkie Talkie

animated business videoWhen you’re busy, even saving a few seconds can add up to a significant amount of time and that’s where Zello or any good quality walkie talkie app comes in handy for real estate agents. Zello replaces phone calls and even texting by turning your phone into a walkie talkie. As long as the person you want to talk to also has this free app on their phone, you can talk to them by simply holding a button like you would with an old-fashioned two-way radio.

It doesn’t even have to be just one-on-one conversations. You can hold a whole group chat, so encourage your whole team to download it if you need to talk to multiple people at once. It also lets you share photos and replay messages at a later time even if your phone was off when you received it.

Zello is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.

5. Snapseed

animated business videosThis app is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. It’s perfect for editing and augmenting your home photos on the go for quick and easy posting to social media or your website. It’s basically like a photo editing suite on your phone.

Snapseed is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.

6. Pic Stitch

animated business videosanimated business videosRather than send a bunch of photos individually, sometimes you just want to send a collage instead. Pic Stitch lets you do just that. Choose the three or four best photos you have of your brand new listing, stitch ‘em together into a neat little collage and voila. Post your collage to Facebook, Twitter or email it to a prospective client.

Pic Stitch also works with videos and you can even order prints of your collages for pick up from Walgreen’s.

Pic Stitch is available for free from iTunes and Google Play.



7. Sun Seeker

animated business videoThis app shows a flat compass view and an augmented reality 3D view that uses your GPS coordinates to display the path of the sun in the sky over a property. The paths have hourly intervals and you can also view its equinox, the winter and summer solstice paths, sunrise and sunset times and much more about how the sun shines down on wherever you happen to be while using it.

It’s great for when prospective buyers inquire about the amount of sunshine a property gets, particularly if they are interested in using solar energy.

The Sun Seeker app costs about $14 in iTunes and about $9 in Google Play. (Prices may vary depending on country.)

8. iTranslate

animated business videosOverseas buyers and new immigrants make up a significant portion of the home buying public in a lot of countries. And just because these new immigrants might not have mastered the language of their new home country yet, that shouldn’t stop a diligent real estate agent from  doing business with them.

iTranslate (or any of the other numerous translation apps available) make communicating with people who don’t speak the same language as you easy. This free app can easily translate text, websites or it can start voice-to-voice conversations in over 90 languages. It even has offline capability.

iTranslate is available free in iTunes and Google Play.

9. Battery Doctor

animated business videosAs we can see from this bevy of amazing apps, a phone is the handiest thing a real estate agent can have on him/her … unless it runs out of battery power. Keeping your cord on you at all times is a good idea, but another way you can make sure you always have your phone ready to help you is to use the least amount of battery power possible.

That’s where Battery Doctor comes in. This app will allow you to easily track which apps are draining the battery power out of your phone. Some apps simply suck battery energy even when you’re not using them. Battery Doctor will help you optimize your phone for maximum battery life. Simply view which apps are using the most power and change the settings from within the apps to shut them down when you don’t need them or have them use the least amount of power they can.

(But you should still just take your cord with you.)

Battery Doctor is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.

For busy real estate agents (and is there any other kind?) these nine apps can smooth your business flow and have you making dreams come true much easier and with much less hassle.

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