8 Ways Animated Explainer Videos Can Help Franchises

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Obviously an animated explainer video can help a solo business or organization, but what about a chain of businesses, like a franchise? The answer is an emphatic yes. We know because we’ve made lots of videos for franchises before. Sometimes it’s to explain the franchise concept to the public and sometimes the videos are used for internal purposes. Let’s take a look at some examples of how franchises can use these videos and some examples from our own portfolio.


New franchises that are looking for an audience in a crowded landscape can connect with their targeted customers via a well-made explainer video. When they need to, brand new franchises can make a splash with these videos in a fun and interesting way. When Anytime Fitness wanted to let people know they are a different kind of gym, they had us whip up a quick whiteboard animation video explaining the Anytime Fitness difference as compared to their competitors.


Most businesses have a straightforward business model, but sometimes organizations can do things a bit differently. That’s where an animated explainer video can really shine. They help a franchise’s target audience understand what’s going on and how that particular franchise is different from other businesses in their industry. Forget the talking heads, animated videos eschew the laws of physics to show viewers exactly what they need to see to be able to understand the concept, especially if it’s a little different than a usual business concept. Coldwell Banker franchisee John Richardson had us make him a whiteboard animation video that showcases why home buyers would be smart to enlist his help when buying a home in the Atlanta, GA area.


Sometimes a well-known franchise will have something new to announce to the world, wants to reinforce a certain aspect of their brand or has some kind of new direction it needs all franchisees to be on board with. Animation can help with that, too. That was the thought behind the video we created for McDonald’s, perhaps the best-known franchise in the world. They really wanted to focus on the steps they were taking to do some good in the world in areas like sustainability. We made a fun little video for them talking about this. Meant for McDonald’s internal usage, the video explains the franchise’s commitment to sustainable practices and how it reaches those commitments.


Franchises need franchisees to grow. Without a steady supply of incoming franchisees, the business will not scale up according to the model. Whether it’s a business format franchise (like the aforementioned McDonald’s, where business owners use the brand and run the business according to the franchise’s business model) or a product distribution model (where the franchisee sells a branded product, but is free to run their business as they like) the franchise needs to draw in new people to grow. Aviva Labs is a spray tanning product distribution franchise and one of the tools it uses to draw in prospective new franchisees is training that it offers people who want to start their own spray tanning business. We helped them promote their Aviva Academy with a cute whiteboard animation video.

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When a new franchisee comes on board, an animated explainer video can be useful for orienting and onboarding that person. The franchise can use a series of videos to outline the franchise’s values and goals and also let the new franchisee know what training and support will be offered. They make for a fun and interesting orientation process.


Often, franchises have to train a lot of people at once. Sometimes that can mean dozens or hundreds of people at the same time. Animated videos make for great training tools because they can keep people’s attention and make an impression on people. Franchises can use them for safety training or letting people know about the processes the franchise follows or any other type of training that it needs to convey to franchisees, their managers and their employees. McDonald’s went with a WizMotions animation for training franchisees about changes to its supply chain and how the company was going to make things more efficient.


Because of their shareability and their watchability, animated videos make for superb marketing tools. Franchises have the responsibility of marketing for an entire chain of businesses across a large region and a good animated explainer video will help them accomplish this goal. Sometimes individual franchisees may want to use a video to highlight their specific store and animation works well for these, too. Ford franchise Brozard Ford and Lincoln had us create a series of short videos for them. This marketing video explains what makes them different from the average car dealership.


As with any business, franchises have to establish trust with their customers and animated videos can assist with that. People who are further along in the buyer’s journey may want to know more about the brand’s history or see something about how the franchise operates. Animated videos make these types of videos more compelling to watch than just your average talking head video. Even testimonial videos can be spiced up with animation. Here is another Brozard Ford video talking about what makes them different than other car outlets to help them connect with their audience. Franchises can find numerous ways to use animated videos for the benefit of all their franchisees and strengthen their brand. A good way to get started is with a whiteboard animation. Click here to get started on planning and pricing your very own whiteboard animation video.

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