6 Scary, Creepy, Disturbing and Macabre Animated Videos to Spook You on Halloween

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We’re not all about business business business here at WizMotions. Sometimes we like to have a little fun, too. Seeing as how we’re huge fans of animation (and not just for business purposes) and it’s Halloween today, we thought we’d take a break from the business stuff and just enjoy some scary animated shorts.

We combed YouTube for the scariest short animations on the site and this is the list we came up with. If you think animation can’t be scary, try watching these by yourself tonight and see if you don’t end up with some serious shivers down your spine.

Horror Short Film

This probably isn’t the actual title of this 3D animated video, but that’s what it’s called on YouTube and all the credits are in Thai, so that’s what we’re going with. (Our Thai is a little rusty.) It features a little girl, some angry parents and a twist ending with a lot of effective POV shots. It was created by Riff and Alternate Studio.

Trick or Treat Stories Animated

Again, not the best title, but this series of videos with simple 2D animation is unnerving. Made by Llama Arts, there are several videos about various subjects. Scary Pizza Delivery Stories, Scary Babysitting Stories, Scary Camping Stories, etc. This one is specific to Halloween. Apparently, all the stories featured in these videos are true, which gives them an added creepiness.

Who’s Hungry?

This one is more disturbing than outright scary, but it still has a super creepy vibe and will give you goosebumps. Plus, it has some good action at the end. The unique 2D  animation is done by David Ochs. You might not be hungry after watching it.

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Missing Halloween

Okay, so we’re cheating with this one a little bit. It’s not really a scary video, but it’s well done and it is a little macabre and it’s specific to Halloween, which still totally counts. It’s done by Mike Inel and the animation is anime inspired.


This 3D animated IsArt Digital production is a creepy little number. Just when you think you’ve figured out the story, it tosses you for a bit of a loop. Another well done video perfect for putting you in the Halloween mood.


Another creepy little story about an adventurous girl and a lake that will leave you a little unnerved. This CGI animation is from the CG Bros and is directed by Richard Hickey. It’ll make you think twice before going onto a lake again.

No matter if you’re going out trick-or-treating, staying in handing out candy or dressing up and partaking in a party, have a Happy Halloween! And if you are surprised by just how much of an emotional reaction these animated videos got out of you, imagine doing that for your business (but without scaring or creeping anyone out, hopefully). Contact us and see what an animated video can do for your business.

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