4 Reasons Custom Animation Outweighs DIY Animation Programs

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As you continue to develop and rework your marketing and even internal training efforts, video should be a big part of your strategy to remain competitive and relevant in today’s world. Video is the most engaged type of content in the market for both sales and training purposes. Thus, it is a must for your business or brand. While video production itself can seem like an overwhelming process, and incredibly expensive, animation on the other hand is very manageable and affordable. However, as you search the web for animation options you may be inundated with ads for cheap DIY animation software packages claiming to be your all-in-one solution for all your video needs. The pricing and claims of “easy use” can be incredibly tempting. But buyer beware. Here’s why it’s better to stick with custom animation services for your video production needs.

1. DIY Programs are not All-In-One Solutions

The sales pitch is better than the actual delivery. These programs will claim to be “all-in-one” solutions. You’ll watch shiny ads showing incredible animation and be awed only to pay the low one-time fee and find that you do not in fact have access to all the content available. Color is an additional fee. More characters are an additional fee. Add on packages for extra graphics, music, and more continue to pile on. Suddenly your one-time low fee has quadrupled and doesn’t seem like quite the bargain it first did.

2. Your Brand Should Look Like You

With custom animation, skilled artists and animators can make the characters look like you, represent your brand image, and incorporate specialized visuals. With DIY programs you are limited to the characters and elements pre-loaded into the program or elements you upload. Even with elements you upload the movement and expressions of such characters might be limited. Professional animators are able to make your animations truly “come to life.”

3. Storytelling Experts

Hiring an experienced animation company means you’re gaining access to expert storytellers. Having produced numerous animated videos in various sectors with unique purposes, professional animation teams understand the challenges and ways to develop stories that engage, teach, and address the talking points you want to be promoted in the most effective way possible. Using a DIY program you are all on your own and have to start from scratch. With an animation company, you have a team of copywriters, illustrators, and animators who can point you in the right direction and provide suggestions on what they believe would be the best option.

4. Time

Let’s face it. Time is a commodity. What is your time worth? Are you willing to spend the time learning a new software program and then creating the video itself? Or do you want one of your employees to handle this? Are they capable or will you be wasting precious time and payroll on a subpar video creation? The reason we have people and companies who provide specialized services is because we cannot do it all. We cannot be good at everything. We do not have the time to learn every skill. As a business, you need to decide how your time and investments are best spent. Hiring an animation company may seem like more money upfront but in the long run, it could actually be less expensive while also producing a higher quality product.

Ready to bring your story to life? Contact WizMotions and let us show you how our experience animation team can best serve your business through custom animation.

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