3 Ways to Use Video Marketing on LinkedIn

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When talking about video marketing, we often hear about YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and paid media options, but we don’t hear a ton about LinkedIn. Not really known for being a video platform, the site is nevertheless a critical network for B2B marketers that has over 350 million registered users (the vast majority being real people). What makes it good for B2B marketers is its focus on business. For marketers who promote their video content on LinkedIn, it provides a stellar opportunity to reach a professional audience with targeted B2B videos. Let’s take a look at three ways you can boost your video marketing by using LinkedIn.

Profile Interactivity

A standard LinkedIn profile that reads like a resume is fine and all, but it won’t attract much attention and won’t be remembered by any media contacts or potential clients who visit it. Rather, you can give your profile a boost and promote your brand with a video. You can add or link to a video in your LinkedIn profile in the “Summary” section, which would be an ideal place to put an explainer video that talks about your brand. Another way you can add video to your profile is in the “Experience” section. Here, you can add customer testimonial videos that pertain to your brand. Share the love by creating branded recommendation videos for your business partners or colleagues so they can post them on their own “Experience” sections. This is an ideal way to promote your company via video on LinkedIn. 

Video Updates

Boosting engagement on LinkedIn is as easy as posting video updates about your business. Your latest marketing videos or short recaps of what’s new (done in a brand journalism type way) are good options. You can tag other companies if they are mentioned so they will also share or comment on the video. To get the best of both worlds, you can first upload your video to your YouTube channel and then post the link on your LinkedIn post. LinkedIn will use YouTube’s metadata about the video, which will also be good for SEO. Sharing your brand’s marketing videos and posting video updates keeps your business page fresh with new content and keeps prospects up to date with what’s going on with your company.

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Connect with LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn’s groups are a superb way to connect with other people in your industry. You can start a new discussion with video content by posting a link into a new discussion thread or you can post video in a reply to an existing discussion thread. While it would be tempting to use your brand’s video content in these groups, that may backfire, as people may not appreciate your marketing content being used in groups. (And, in fact, some groups will even give you the boot for that.)
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Rather, this is a good opportunity to prove that you’re an industry leader with video content other than your own. Video is naturally engaging and if you find a news story or something that pertains to your industry and post that to start a discussion, you’ll effectively be using that video content to boost yourself as an industry leader. And, finally, you can always buy some video advertising on LinkedIn now that the network has gotten on board with video ads. Although it’s not usually associated with video, LinkedIn offers B2B marketers a great opportunity to reach their audience. With some planning and strategizing, you can use LinkedIn to your advantage with video advertising. To see how much an animated explainer video to post on your LinkedIn profile and company page would be, click here to use our price estimation calculator. (You don’t even need to talk to anyone!)

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