2D Animation VS. Graphics Animation- What’s The Difference?

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Think about your own internet habits and videos most likely get you clicking more than other advertising mediums. 62% of businesses who use video have experience increased organic traffic. 76% report that explainer videos provide a positive ROI.

Understanding that an explainer video is an ideal marketing choice for your business is only the first step. Now, the question is, what is the difference between 2D animation and graphics animation and which one will be most effective for your customers?

Let’s navigate those important questions…

What is 2D Animation?

Two dimensional (2D) animation, also known as cartoon animation, is a popular explainer video style for several reasons:

  • Relatable characters. Choosing characters style that are similar to your target audience helps potential customers relate to the message that is being conveyed. Since the characters have movement and dialogue, a realistic message is communicated.
  • Engaging story lines. 2D animation videos are story driven. By crafting a scenario that will engage the audience, it becomes clear what the product or service message is, even though it may not be directly spelled out.
  • Personal approach. Audiences tend to feel more connected to the message on a personal level, when 2D animation videos are executed correctly. The characters and story line appeal to emotions, not just reasoning.
  • Humorous component. Oftentimes, quirky characters and engaging story lines include an element of humor. The humorous component makes the video more memorable and also encourages social media sharing.

Even this screenshot of a 2D animation video for College Hunch entices you to find out what in the heck is going on.


What is Graphics Animation?

Graphics animation is a popular video style commonly used when the message is a bit more technical in nature. Imagine explaining high level statistics with 2D characters. Although graphics animation does not involve a story line, the style is effective for the following reasons:

  • Message driven. Well-crafted graphics animations pack a powerful explanatory punch. Emphasizing an overall message, rather than a storyline, these videos drive home the intended point.
  • Simplifies technical subjects. No matter how complex the subject matter is, every subject may be easily explained with a graphics animation video within a matter of seconds.
  • Converts numbers into visuals. Explaining numbers to non-numbers people is a challenge. Converting numbers into moving visuals that communicate a message allows for artists, accountants, and everyone in between to understand statistics and figures.
  • Effective for B2B. Graphics animation videos are great for pitching or explaining tech products, research results, or other subject matter that relies on numbers and graphs. Commonly used for business to business presentations or marketing campaigns, these videos bring boring numbers and graphs to life.

Demonstrating technical products, such as Direct Call, within seconds becomes a breeze with a graphics animation video.


Which Video Style Is Best For Me?

When considering your product, your audience, and the intended message, are you struggling to decide which style will most effectively reach and inspire your audience? Take this quick quiz to better understand which explainer video style is right for your project.


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, consider using a graphics animation video style.

If you answered “No” to many of these questions, 2D Animation may be the best choice for your video.


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