10 Marketing Experts You Should Follow (But, Not Like in a Stalkery Way)

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Digital marketing can be tricky to figure out. Just when you think you’re doing something right, Google, Facebook or Amazon can release a new update and throw your whole game out of whack. So, it helps to have some guidance when figuring out the digital marketing landscape. Obviously, you should stay tuned to this blog right here, but you should also seek expertise from other people who specialize in the digital marketing realm. Experts like:

Ann Handley

Twitter: @MarketingProfs
TopRank Marketing/Flickr
  Ann’s Blog You’ve likely heard of MarketingProfs. It’s a pretty big deal in the marketing world. Ann founded it. She’s also a bestselling author and a proficient blogger whose posts carry the weight of authority with them. Ann digs deep into marketing, telling you not only how to do things and why you should do them, but also giving you a glimpse into where marketing is headed and how you can get a head start. It’s the perfect blend of marketing advice and context.

Barry Schwartz

Twitter: @rustybrick Barry’s Blog Barry founded web design company RustyBrick, but he’s also a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. He often writes about SEO practices and he’s always on top of the latest algorithm changes that affect SEO. Best of all, he has a sense of humor with his writing, which is always welcome in the sometimes dry marketing industry.

Gene Marks

Twitter: @genermarks Gene’s Blog Rather than a marketer, Gene is a journalist who covers small business and the economy for renowned outlets like the Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. and many others. He’s also made appearances on Fox News and MSNBC. Following Gene will give you a heads up on trends affecting small businesses along with an analysis of those trends.

Heidi Cohen

Twitter: @heidicohen
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  Heidi’s Blog Cohen runs the Actionable Marketing Guide, which is meant to provide readers with marketing advice they can immediately put to use. She’s also contributed regularly to marketing blogs like Business 2 Community, ClickZ and Social Media Examiner. Heidi is adept at breaking big concepts down into small pieces so you can digest them easier and use her advice right after you read it.

Jay Baer

Twitter: @jaybaer Jay’s Blog Jay performs some pretty deep research for his posts to give you a thorough understanding of what he’s talking about. He backs his writing up with experimentation so he has lots of first-hand data to share. In addition to that, he occasionally dissects marketing concepts and tells you how they accomplish what they do.

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Kurt Elster

Twitter: @kurtinc Kurt’s Blog Kurt gives clarity to digital marketing strategies by stripping them down to their core components. Heavily involved with Shopify, Kurt largely focuses on ecommerce, particularly on his Unofficial Shopify Podcast. He doesn’t just stick to ecommerce, though. He also writes about lead generation, marketing funnels, website design, advertising and a whole lot more.

Melinda Emerson

Twitter: @SmallBizLady Melinda’s Blog With high energy and a scrappy, can-do attitude, Melinda the Small Biz Lady can energize you and give you the must-do attitude that all entrepreneurs and marketers have to possess to succeed. She’s also an avid Twitter user, so give her a follow for regular updates.

Neil Patel

Twitter: @neilpatel Neil’s Blog The co-founder of KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout and a bevy of other companies, Neil Patel is a … hmm, since guru and ninja are played out, let’s go with marketing wizard. Learning through the old fashioned way of trial and error, Patel mastered the fickle art of marketing and now passes his expertise along to others through his blog, which provides deep insights into marketing tactics. Readers will especially love his step-by-step instructions to using the top marketing tools.

Nick Loper

Twitter: @nloper Nick’s Blog Founder of Side Hustle Nation, Nick wants to help his readers harness all of their available energy and potential to make money. Specializing in helping people to develop new income streams for their businesses, Nick also helps business owners identify great new resources to save them time while increasing their earnings. Freelancers, ecommerce retailers, investors and passionate self-starters should all tune into Nick’s blog to help raise their income.
Collision Conf/Flickr

Rand Fishkin

Twitter: @randfish Rand’s Blog We have a special affinity for Rand here at WizMotions because Rand loves him some whiteboard drawing, so he’s a marketer after our own hearts. Founder of the influential Moz, his Whiteboard Friday series illustrates various marketing techniques and insights so they are easy to follow and take advantage of. If you need a little help in the marketing department (and who doesn’t) follow the advice of these 10 marketing wizards … no, wait … marketing GODS!!! … A little too much? Okay, fine. Follow the advice of these 10 marketing experts and see your business soar. Speaking of seeing your business soar, how about making your own whiteboard animation video? It’ll help you at least as much as these 10 experts. Click here to get started on planning and pricing your very own whiteboard animation video.

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