wizDoodle™ Whiteboard Animation

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Present your idea or sales message in the form of live drawings from an artist and even hypnotize even the most skeptical buyer.

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  • 80% of customers prefer their drawings to be black/white but if you have a different
    taste, you can use this option.  Pricing is per minute.
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    By default, the only movement on screen is the hand drawing the illustrations. Do you want to make your character or drawings move, walk or perform simple movements? 

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    Why Do You Need It? (Click to expand)

    The video script is the first most important element of the video. It's the "make it or break or break it point" and for this reason we recommend you choose our video script writing service.

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    You'll be asked to provide your script in a ready-to-go format as soon as we give you access to our project management system. Please note 1-minute video should be approximately 150-170 words. Read more

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    You may have the right message and perfect video but a bad voice-over can send wrong signals. However, you don't have to worry about this. We have 25+ voice-over superstars you can choose from.

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    You'll be asked to provide your voice over as an MP3 file right before we proceed to the video production phase.

    Why Do I Need These? (Click to Expand)

    Take a moment and imagine how a fantasy or horror movie would look be without any sound effects. It would be weird, right? Well, it's proven that sound effects can make videos 10 times more engaging than videos without. Or maybe you have no need for sound effects but you want just the background music? No problem, background music only is a flat fee for any video length.

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    English is included in the price but if you’re looking for other languages this option is for you! For any languages not listed here, please contact us.  Fees are per minute and are for any translation needed, advanced synchronization, etc.

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    Is this video for a TV broadcast?

    Why are we charging extra: It requires additional work to meet TV station specifications and additional licensing from our end, therefore we charge extra to make sure your video is exported in an excellent compatible format.

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