Clients Love Us

“These guys are great to work with. Our drawings came out better than we imagined, everything was done before deadline, and they responded quickly to every question we had. We’ll be using them for all of our future stuff.”

Lisa Kurstin
Director of Programs
Educational Test Prep
Tel. 310.582.5932

Clients Get Results

“Since adding the animated whiteboard video to my website, my conversions have doubled!  WizMotions is collaborative, efficient and affordable.  I heartily recommend WizMotions and will use them again.”

Jeff Mathias

Clients Are Impressed

They know how to transform what is in my head to a finished, polished product and it was better then what was in my head. Their experience is evident once I could see the final product.

Greg Bilbro
Real Estate Services
Sterling Fine Properties

Clients Expect Everything

You will SEE your idea turning into a compelling story backed up with attention-grabbing drawings that will hold viewers on the edge of their seats…and with our unlimited revisions guarantee, you’ll FEEL we get your message right…and you will  EXPERIENCE the best and fastest customer support you’ve ever experienced, guaranteed!

Have Questions? We've got answers.

Do I pay less if my video is less than a minute?

We don’t charge per second, and anything up to 60 seconds is considered one minute.

I don’t have a script. Can you create one for me?

Of course! In fact, we work with top-notch copywriters who can create a high-converting script based on the video length you desire for the price of $99 per minute (1 minute is approx. 150 words). After you place your order, you’ll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and provide some necessary information about your target audience and your product or service. Your script will be delivered for your approval within 2-3 business days.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. If you’re not happy with the angle or anything about the copy it’s not a problem. We’ll re-write it until you’re completely satisfied with it. We provide unlimited revisions!

How can I ensure your team will understand my concept?

We’ve done hundreds of videos across many markets and know what type of questions to ask.  During the “Discovery Phase” of your project we’ll gather all the information we need and ask all the right questions to get an understanding of your concept.

And then our highly experienced copy writers will begin on a top-notch video script.  They take great pride in their work and are exceptional at taking direction.  Once a first draft is complete, it’s sent to you for approval and we don’t move forward until all of your revision requests are satisfied.

Not only are we 100% confident in our teams’ skills, but we provide unlimited script and storyboard revisions.  Our process is risk-free for you.

I have a script but I’m not happy with it. Can you improve it?

Sure, we can review your script and provide our feedback. In case it needs to be re-written, we can do that for you for $99/minute.

What is a Storyboard? How many revisions do you provide?

A storyboard is a sequence of written text and visual drawings showing the scenes planned for your video production.  Check out this storyboard sample to see how cool they are.  Once you approve the storyboard and you’re happy with it, only then do we proceed to the video production phase.

As you can see, having the privilege to review and approve everything it’s an absolutely risk-free process with maximum satisfaction!

How do I know how many minutes my video is going to be?

1 minute is approximately 150 words.  If you have your script ready but you don’t know how many minutes it will be, simply divide it by 150. For example, let’s say your script is 450 words… just divide 450 by 150.  This means your video will be 3 minutes long.

Do you make video in German, Spanish or other languages?

We can do videos in any language.

If I my video is longer than X minutes, will I bore the viewer?

We have had clients hire us to produce videos as long as 35 minutes and they have amazing conversions with it. Remember, people with needs (buyers) will sit and listen to a video that provides a solution — as long the video is interesting and engaging.

Also don’t forget the world famous marketing golden rule: “Assume nothing, test everything”.

What are the payment terms?

All projects under $500 must be paid in full. For projects more than $500, there’s an option to pay 50% deposit during checkout. This is our policy to avoid resources being spent on our end without proper compensation if a project is canceled for any reason by the client.

If you’re skeptical regarding our quality of work, please do not worry. We are not only 100% transparent but we always send the script and storyboard for your approval FIRST before we proceed to final video production.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us 🙂

How long will it take for my video to be delivered to me?

Standard delivery from start to finish is between 2 to 3 weeks. Got a tight deadline? Ask for our 3-day or 5-day “Express Delivery’ option.