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Why Use Whiteboard Animation?

By July 31, 2013Why wizMotions?

Have you ever wondered what separates the top percentile of marketers that are consistently raking in millions of dollars every single month, from everyone else just hoping to get their first sale?

What techniques do these top dogs employ that is so much different from everyone else?

Why whiteboard videos?


Every few years within the marketing world it seems that someone will usually stumble across a new method that converts like wildfire.    Through the constant evolution of internet marketing, marketers today have found new innovative ways of connecting with their target audience that brings in big time sales revenue.  This new innovation is known as white board animation videos.

Why do you think these marketers chose this route over a regular video or a longer sales page loaded with testimonials?

Well, long sales pages are cumbersome and often times the reader will only skim through, missing a great portion of the beneficial information provided.  And do typical types of videos really grab attention versus a whiteboard-style video?

A white board animation video captures and maintains the attention of the viewers.  The voice-over speaks directly to them, explaining what the features or benefits of purchasing the product are.  According to recent research, the average attention span is only 8 seconds long.  The consistent drawing of shapes and figures in a white board animation video will keep the mind from wandering, focusing on your product.

Any seasoned sales person will tell you that voice inflection is essential.  People connect more with someone that is speaking to them instead of written words and images on a page.

White board animations allow for imagination and creativity.  There is only so much you can do with a written sales page or other type of video.  Drawing allows the artist to depict anything that their mind can conceive, which can convey the message in a way that the viewer understands.

I’m sure you may be thinking, “If everyone else is doing it, why would I want to do it too?

Well, it’s quite simple…because it works! 

A few hundred years ago, a handful of European armies began using handheld guns.  Within a few years, every major army in the world had guns too.  The reason was because they were so effective that they changed the way warfare was waged.  Any army that didn’t have access to firearms wouldn’t stand a chance and soon perished.  White board animation videos are the internet marketer’s version of a gun.  Don’t be the marketer that “wages war without a gun”.

Clearly, the top marketers and sales people are onto something.  They are using a technique that is converting sales like never before and bringing in cash hand over fist.  It is a technique that separates the top marketers that live lavish, comfortable lifestyles, from those that are scrambling to get every sale they can.  If you are serious about expanding the visibility of your product or service, then it would be highly beneficial to use a white board animation video.


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