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5 Tips for Scripting Your Whiteboard Sales Video

Coming up with a script for your whiteboard animation videos can be painstakingly difficult.  Having an adequate script is the most important part of any highly converting custom whiteboard video.   Without a solid script, your animation videos will be nothing more than flashing images without any real hook to engage the viewer and keep their attention.

And hook is everything…

In most cases, people have a general outline or idea of what they’d like their video to say, however, translating that into a script can often times be tough.  Script writing takes some basic skills and imagination.

5 Tips For A Video Script

Try following these basic steps and hopefully you’ll see a legitimate increase in video quality and decrease of time that it takes to write your script.

Rule #1 – Solve a Problem.  A potential consumer will watch your video if it offers an appropriate solution to their problem.   Consumers have a “what’s in it for me” attitude when it comes to any offer.  Unless you make it known that you will be showing them a potential solution to whatever issue they may have, then there is no reason for them to continue watching.

If your product is the solution, then explain to the viewer WHY it is a solution and HOW it is going to help them.  This means that you shouldn’t beat around the bush, and explain to the viewer that you have an awesome product / service that may help them.

scriptRule #2 – Tell a Story.  Telling a story will help you relate to the viewer.  If you have experience with the problem that plagues the potential consumer, then share it!  This will not only help the viewer remain engaged with the video, but will also help you connect with them on a personal level.  People are more likely to purchase something from someone that can relate to them.

Rule #3 – Content is Key.  Some studies have shown that people will typically watch a video for 2-3 minutes before losing interest while others show that if the audience is targeted and is genuinely interested, they will watch as long as the video entertains and/or informs.  Of course, all of this does depend greatly on the content and the audience.  (More information on length here)Capture Attention

But when it comes down to it, no matter how long the video is going to be, in order to maintain the attention and enthusiasm of the viewer there must be great content.  One effective method is to steadily give small tidbits of useful information throughout the entire whiteboard animation video.

And of course entertain while you do it!

Rule #4 – Read Your Script Out Loud.  Due to voice inflection, speed, emphasis on certain words or phrases, and the way people naturally speak, the written word can often time sound different than the spoken word.  The purpose of a script is to sound as if the person in the video is speaking directly to the viewer.  If the script does not sound natural, conversion rates will suffer.

Rule #5 – Find the Best Possible Whiteboard Animation Video Service Available.  If you’re new to script writing or not, a top notch service will be able to create an animated whiteboard video that compliments your script perfectly.  I wonder who we think is the best?  🙂

As you’ve probably seen from other whiteboard animation videos, the quality of the script is essential for capturing the attention of the viewer.  Yes, it can be tiresome and often times difficult, but is a crucial aspect of solid whiteboard animation videos.  Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be on your way to higher conversions in no time!


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