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Trigger these 8 Different Emotions for Video Marketing Success

Humans are emotional creatures. Why, just this morning we started crying while watching a diaper commercial. This is good news for marketers (the humans being emotional part, not the crying over a diaper commercial part) because savvy marketers can use human emotions in their marketing campaigns. Emotions play a huge role in our decision making process, probably even more so than logic and reason.

When it comes to video marketing, these emotions are more easily invoked than by a still image or words alone. With video, you can really put all the elements together — visuals, music, good writing — and conjure up the emotions you need to help viewers make a decision about your brand. (Namely, the decision to engage more and give you money at some point.)

Let’s look at the eight most important emotions that your business videos can trigger for them to be effective.

1. Hunger

By far the most important emotion to tap into while marke– hold on … we’re just being informed that hunger is (apparently) not an emotion.

Nevertheless, you should include food in your videos where appropriate.

2. Happiness

Ged Carroll/Flickr

People love watching videos that make them feel good and put a smile on their mug. Smiling and laughter helps them rid tension and forget about any problems they may have. Everyone wants to be happy (that’s why a good sense of humor is so important in a significant other) and videos that can evoke feelings of positivity, joy and affection along with some laughter are always a good bet for a company.

Remember those Android “Friends Furever” videos from a few years ago with the unlikely animal friends? They were so cute and gave us such feels. You could heat a house with the warm, fuzzy feelings they generated.

You know what’s really good for making people feel happy? Animation. Just sayin’.

3. Pride

It used to be that only big-name celebrities or impossibly attractive models used to advertise products. But, today it makes more sense to focus on the everyday person with your marketing and let them know how your product or service will make them a big mover and shaker and/or impossibly attractive (or at least make them feel that way).

If you can find a way with your video to show people how your product or service will make them feel more pride in themselves, you’ve got yourself a winner. The Nike Unlimited You video campaign is all about pumping people up so they can take pride in themselves and all the accomplishments they’re going to make (right after they buy a pair of Nikes).

4. Fear

Trailers for horror movies aren’t the only videos that get people frightened. Insurance companies often tell people about the surprising dangers that can befall them, anti-smoking ads will show you bodies wasted away from decades of tobacco use and videos that show us the dangers of climate change are dripping with scary images.

You can even use animation to get people to feel fear, as we did with our campaign for EverGuard Guardian. The video sets a scary scene and tells how the product can help make sure that scary scene never happens.

5. Surprise

Surprise isn’t an emotion, per se, but since they’ve already taken hunger away from us, we’re not letting go of surprise. When we talk about surprise, it doesn’t have to be a major twist or have super shock value. It can be an announcement from the company or a business surprising their own customers.

The Love has no Labels video campaign from a few years ago showed people being surprised in a good way and it’s a video that really resonates. (Okay, it makes us a bit teary-eyed, too.)

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6. Sadness

It’s not exactly that you want your audience to feel sad, but tugging at the ol’ heart strings is an effective way to get people to remember your video and therefore your brand. Turn on the tear ducts and people will recall that emotional gut punch (which is not like a real gut punch, obviously). The point is you will have created a lasting memory and connection with them through their feels.

An excellent example of that is the Giving is the Best Communication about a young Thai boy who … well, we won’t spoil it for you. Just make sure to have some tissues on hand when you watch it.

7. Uncertainty


Also not quite an emotion, but we’re on a role, so we don’t care. Marketers will try to trigger uncertainty to make people stop what they are doing and engage in a little self-reflection. Environmental videos often do this to try and get people to think about their actions and how they affect the earth.  

For a lighter example, check out Adobe’s Do you know what your marketing is doing? campaign from a few years ago.

8. Trust

And, finally, trust. Wait, is trust an emotion? Who even cares anymore? Trust is the ultimate feeling that a company can instill in its potential customers. Get people to trust your brand and they’ll give you their attention, their time and their money.

Chase Manhattan Bank has pulled it off by showing potential customers that they’ll always be there for them throughout all the tough decisions they go through in their lives. And they toss in a cute baby for good measure. (They don’t actually toss the baby, though. That probably wouldn’t instil trust.)

To get people on board with your brand, you’ve gotta get ‘em in the feels. Triggering emotional responses in people is a great way to get them to connect with your business. How about trying to connect with people emotionally with some 2D animation? Click here to get started on planning and pricing your very own 2D animation video.


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