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How Educational Institutions Can Benefit from Animated Explainer Videos

Educational facilities are tasked with teaching people new skills and imparting knowledge to them in a set amount of time with a structured curriculum. They also have to do it in a welcoming environment that ensures everyone absorbs the information being presented to them in a way that they can take it and use it in their own lives.

And this is why animated explainer videos lend themselves well to the education industry. They’re all about explaining things in a compelling manner in a short amount of time. They’re flexible and they can help students understand difficult concepts or they can be used for staff training purposes or as a welcoming orientation for newly arrived students.  

Some examples:

  • In-Class video to help explain a complex theory or idea.
  • Welcoming video that orients new students to school, particularly university.
  • Online video to introduce new organizations connected to the school, such as an alumni group.
  • Recruiting video for prospective students.
  • Staff training video for teachers or other staff about new policies and procedures.
  • Fundraising video asking for money for new facilities.

Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos in Education


Regardless of the education level of the students, any educational institution can see benefits from using animated videos. Here are some of the biggest benefits educational institutions can see.

More Engaged Students

Of course videos should be used somewhat sparingly in classes, but they can break up long lectures and grab students’ attention and get them more engaged in classes. For younger students, animation automatically holds special appeal, but even for adults, it’s compelling to watch and can make even difficult concepts easy to follow.

Increased Participation in Groups

Groups like alumni associations or various clubs or fraternities can bump up their numbers with animated videos while also explaining their policies, values, etc. to prospective new members. Videos can easily be shared on social media, expanding their reach.

Expanded Online Presence

Online learning is growing as more schools offer courses over the internet. An animated video can be a key part of an online class’ curriculum or it can be used to recruit new students to the school. Educational institutions can use them on their websites, social media or in their marketing to help solidify their branding efforts.

Improved Fundraising

Schools are in constant need of funding, but asking for money is never an easy task. Using an animated explainer video helps with money requests by easing into it and giving people a sneak peek at what you plan to do with the capital once it’s raised.

To be educational, these videos don’t necessarily have to be used by educational institutions. Companies can use them to teach employees or the general public, as well. They make learning easier, regardless of the subject or where they are being used. At a time when so many things are vying for the attention of students, staff and people in general, animated explainer videos can help educators and employers cut through the wall of noise and connect with the people they need to.


We regularly work with educational institutions. Here are some examples we’ve done for various schools.

Reaching out to alumni to promote events and recruit volunteers …

Oregon State University Alumni Association

Attracting prospective students …

Augustana College

Educating people about new initiatives …

RSPO Sustainability College

Explaining programs to prospective students …

Illinois Institute of Technology

Raising funds for new buildings …

Maple Ridge Christian School

Animated explainer videos have so many great uses in the educational field. If you are in the education industry or you just need a video for educational purposes, Click here to schedule an appointment with WizMotions to see how we can help you make the perfect video for your educational institution.


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