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How Animated Characters Humanize Your Brand

Here is a counterintuitive statement: animated characters allow you to humanize your brand. But, how does a completely non-human thing do that? Easy. They allow you to tap into the human emotions of your viewers easier than any other type of character. 

Let’s take a look at the ways animated characters can help to humanize your brand.


As you can tell from the glut of comic book movies and rebooted TV shows (was anyone seriously asking for a Roseanne reboot?!?!) nostalgia is a powerful thing. Animation takes people right back to when they were kids. It’s fun to watch and people are naturally drawn to it. You get to make people feel at ease and entertained as you explain your product or service to them.



Obviously, you can make your animated characters look exactly how you need them to look, which is representative of your target audience, of course. But, beyond just giving them the right age, gender, clothing, etc., you can actually make the character style look however you want.

Do you want them to look more realistic or more cartoony? Should the eyes be colored or just black dots? You get to customize all that to better connect with your audience. Make your characters look however you think would appeal to your potential customers the most.


Animation can be used for any type of business, even serious ones. It’s all in the presentation and mood. Whether you’re B2C, B2B or AB Positive, you can use an animated video to explain what you do and to trigger specific emotions in your audience.

Or, you can forego the emotions and just use animation, like highly detailed video graphics, to explain how a new product works. Animation allows you to virtually take apart your product and get into its inner workings so you can show viewers an inside look at it.

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Because you have a bunch of different animation formats to choose from; like whiteboard, motion graphic, 2D, 3D, cut out and more; it can be used for any type of business to convey any type of emotion you want. There’s no other video format that is as versatile as animation. You’re not working with actors or any constraints at all. You can easily animate any scenario you require to make that emotional connection.  


You can easily generate empathy with animated characters, getting your audience to feel the same way the character feels and getting curious as to how they’re going to solve the dilemma they’re in. This allows your audience to put themselves in the character’s shoes and see themselves using your products or services to solve the same problems as your characters have. In a whiteboard video we made for EverGuardGuardian, for example, we evoke empathy from the audience by showing Emily the college student in trouble and in need of help. The audience can easily picture themselves or a loved one in this scenario, making them connect with Emily and feel empathetic to her situation. In turn, they also see how she uses the EverGuardGuardian product to help her get out of this dangerous situation.   


While animation can be used to evoke any emotion, it is traditionally linked to humor and, therefore, happiness. Animation lends itself well to humor and you can take advantage of that to connect with your audience even more. Just like with dating, if you can get the other person to laugh, you’re doing well because you’re making them feel good. You can have your characters be in ridiculous scenarios or exaggerate circumstances to make a point. Whatever makes your audience smile. You’re not limited by those pesky laws of physics, so you can let your imagination go.

Animation is an excellent way for brands to humanize themselves and connect with their audiences. In just a short amount of time, the right animation can touch someone in the right way and bring them closer to your brand, making them see it in a more positive light. We’d love to help you humanize your brand via animation. Click here to schedule an appointment with WizMotions to see how we can help you make the perfect business video and connect with your audience.


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