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How to Make an Emotional Connection with Viewers Using Animation

Animated video isn’t just about keeping people engaged and entertained, you also want to connect with them on an emotional level. You get them to connect with your brand and you’ll likely have yourself a new customer. Good quality animated videos can help brands connect with potential customers on this emotional level.

Businesses that provide more serious products or services may be reluctant to let their animated videos show too much emotion. They often prefer to present their brands with a more neutral tone, which does help them maintain professionality, but can also come off as a little dry at times if people aren’t really able to relate to the characters in the video.

Many business people might think of animation and think of wild cartoon characters with exaggerated features, but it takes just a subtle touch to give your characters that relatable appeal to viewers.

Facial Expressions

Most animated business videos will provide the viewers with a fun and recognizable character to connect with. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a mascot. It can just be a regular person who you think your potential customers would relate to. And they relate to that person by showing the same range of emotions as your customers.

In the video we made for Diffeo, for example, the character goes through happiness, contentment, frustration, confusion and panic throughout the video. The facial expressions are are all suitably subtle and keep a professional tone.






Large Images

If you just wanted to simply list the benefits of your product or service, you wouldn’t bother with video. You can easily do that in writing. What video offers you that no other medium can are those eye popping visuals that move. When creating an emotional connection with people, you want to play with the size of your visuals to make them convey various things in your video.

For example, in our video for Derma Drinkables, we zoom in on a lady’s face as she’s suffering from an acne outbreak, making her sadness apparent. But, later in the video, after her acne has been cured, she has a big ol’ smile and we highlight that by literally putting a magnifying glass over it as we show her cleared up skin. This leaves a lasting impression of that smile in people’s minds.

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You’re probably well aware that different colors affect people in different ways. If your brand has a specific color palette, then it’s prudent to use those colors so the viewers connect the video to your brand.

If you don’t have a color palette in mind to use, then using bold primary and secondary colors is usually a good bet, as people are naturally drawn to these colors. Especially with whiteboard animation, you can use colors to make certain elements of the video stand out while leaving others gray so they’re more in the background. Certain colors also connote certain things. If you have dollar signs in your video, people are going to expect them to be green and if you’re showing hot and cold, as we do in the iLiving fan video, it’s a good idea to use red for hot and blue for cold, as that’s what people will expect to see when you’re talking about hot and cold. 

There are many ways to get that coveted emotional connection with viewers when you choose animation. We would love to discuss how we can help you connect with your potential customers to turn them into repeat customers. Click here to get started on planning and pricing your very own whiteboard animation video.


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