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Animated Video Helps Insurance Company Break Out of Restraints of Industry Traditions

By October 3, 2017Uncategorized

While traditions are often great, sometimes they can get a little stuffy. When this happens, there’s nothing better than to break with tradition and try something fresh. For CFC Underwriting, a commercial insurance firm that services over 50,000 businesses around the world and focuses on emerging risks like cyber attacks, that break with tradition came in the form of using an animated video to introduce their products and services to customers.

Carson O’Connor

“We work in an industry where, for better or worse, tradition reigns supreme,” Marketing Manager at CFC Carson O’Connor said in a recent interview. “We try to do things a little differently and it felt like animation might help us break down those barriers.”

Animation Appeal

O’Connor says CFC is building a collection of informative training videos that are aimed at customers and animation seemed like the best option to go with, as they also wanted to inject some fun into the video.

Recently, CFC launched its Cyber Incident Response App, which allows policyholders to report a cyber incident (like a data breach, ransom demand, or system outage) to the company, a network of specialist providers, and other key stakeholders simultaneously. App users can also see the latest cyber news and find the contact details of their incident response team with the app.

The company wanted to give its customers an overview of their newest product and teach them what it can do for them.

“We are looking to build up a collection of informative training videos for our customers over time and the ones we’ve done so far have definitely hit the spot,” O’Connor noted. “Using animation helps us tell stories and explain complex concepts in a fresh and engaging way.”

The Process

O’Connor said CFC approaches the process of getting its animated videos made by being prepared with the points they want to emphasize. They take these to WizMotions and the animators there help CFC tell their story visually.

“Every time, it’s been an incredibly easy and straightforward process,” she said.

The marketing manager said CFC wants their videos to help establish the company as a thought leader when it comes to cyber risk and insurance.

CFC has been underwriting cyber liability since the first dot com boom of 1999. Since then, this insurance line has grown exponentially, especially in the last few years.

“We have a wealth of experience, the largest team of specialist cyber underwriters in the UK and a dedicated, in-house, cyber incident response claims team,” O’Connor outlined. “This mobile app is really a growth on this. Cyber insurance is really all about a quick and effective response and good crisis management. Our customers want to know that when they have a problem, that it will be dealt with quickly and by specialists. They want it to be easy. And they want to save themselves lots of hassle and further expense.”

CFC is using animation to inform and train customers while also establishing themselves as a thought leader in their industry, all while setting themselves apart in a traditional industry.

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