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7 Stats About Video that Prove Your Brand Needs to Get that Camera Rolling

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing

By now, you’re probably well aware that video is where it’s at when it comes to the internet. It’s almost mandatory nowadays that brands use video to get people’s attention. Whether you’re selling real designer handbags or real estate, you really need to be using video.

Companies that employ video grow their revenue 49% quicker than companies that don’t use video.

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing


Aberdeen via Vidyard

It’s clear that video usage is a fast track to revenue growth. But, it’s not enough to just make a video and have it sit on your site. You must pair it with a comprehensive marketing plan to make sure people watch it.

55% of people who are shopping for a specific product perform research on their mobile device.


The significance with this stat is that people are using their mobile devices to do shopping research and using that visual content rather than text to make more informed shopping decisions before purchasing a product. Particularly on mobile devices, video trumps text because it’s easier to watch something than to read on a cell phone.

4 out of 5 shoppers say a video that demonstrates how a product or service works is important to their decision making process about buying that product or service.


Again, this goes back to the reading thing. Even if people are looking at your product or service on a laptop or tablet, they might prefer video to text. If your product or service is even a little bit complex, having a video is crucial. Video also allows you to put the proper emphasis on the words you want and highlight the important features.

76% of millennials follow brands on YouTube.

100% custom whiteboard videos, animation & video scribing

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If you’re trying to tap into that lucrative millennial market (and who isn’t), this is an interesting statistic. More than any other generation before them, millennials want to connect with the brands they love. They may not want to wear a logo, but they do want to stay in touch with brands they identify with.

Just how lucrative is the millennial generation? According to Kit Yarrow’s book Gen BuY, millennials will spend more than $200 billion per year starting in 2017 and will spend $10 trillion throughout their collective lifetimes. That’s a market you can’t afford not to tap into.

50% of advertisers are shifting advertising budgets from TV to digital video

AOL Platforms

The traditional big game TV commercial might become a thing of the past within the next century, as more and more brands are shifting advertising budgets from TV to digital video. That makes complete sense in this on-demand world. As people consume less of their entertainment on traditional television channels and more on non-traditional, on-demand channels, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to reach them via traditional TV commercials.

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Everyday, 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook.


True, much of that video is probably not advertising, but the point is that people are using the platform to watch video, which makes it another tool you can use in your marketing strategy.

Social media posts that contain video generate 1,200% more shares than posts that contain just text or images.

Brightcove via ResponsiveInboundMarketing

No surprise here. People love to share and aside from maybe a particularly witty meme, video is the most popular thing to share with someone else online. Short videos that make you laugh are particularly share-worthy.

One of the best strategies for using videos is animation. While talking heads can get tedious, animation keeps people’s attention like no other type of video. How much does an animated video cost? Click here to use our price estimation calculator to see approximately how much your video will cost. (You don’t even need to talk to anyone!)


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