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Why Spending $5 for Explainer Videos Might Cost You MORE Than Hiring a Real PRO Video Animation Company

By April 30, 2016Why wizMotions?

Everyone likes to save money, right? Otherwise, there would be no such thing as discount stores and value menus.  But sometimes, going for the least expensive option can be more expensive in the long run.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur” – Red Adair

Everyone knows that presenting a business using multiple types of visuals, including explainer videos, is effective and helps to convert leads to sales. Once a business makes the decision to develop an explainer video, how do they know where to go?

In an industry that advertises 90 second videos priced anywhere from $5 to $5,000 per finished minute, it can be tough to understand the difference and what the appropriate price point is for your business. Although the end result is only 90 seconds, there are many components, which means there is a lot to screw up, if you are not a professional.

Custom vs. Stock Clip Art

Your business is custom.

Your business is unique with original ideas, concepts, and business plans.

In fact, part of an effective branding and marketing strategy is to differentiate your business from others.

Entire meetings are devoted to brainstorming about ways to set your business apart from the competition. So, why would any business settle for standard, stock clip art for any of their marketing efforts?

You know who your customer is.

Quick question…

Would these images and character make your prospects feel engaged with your brand?


Or… will your clients relate and respond better to these characters?


Part of explaining your value and differentiation to prospective customers is to demonstrate that your business values itself enough to invest in quality marketing tools. 78% of CMOs feel that custom content is the future of marketing.

THE COST: When a business trims the budget and opts for an explainer video that uses clip art, rather than custom art, the cost to the business brand and initial impression could be great. However, potential customers may believe that your brand is thrown together and inauthentic, since your video art is. Not to mention the limitations you will face with clip-art when you need changes.

WARNING: Some freelancers (even animation companies) may use copyrighted graphics and in some cases stolen clip art or images from Google when creating explainer videos. This may put YOUR business into some serious legal risks dealing with copyrighting issues.

Custom art assures businesses that characters used in their video are exclusive to their video and will not be associated with another brand.

Transparent Pricing vs. Slippery Pricing

Professional explainer video companies are up front with pricing schedules. Typically, a business may select the type of video, character style, and video length and know the exact price of the finished product. Professional companies offer unlimited revisions because they are committed to a high quality product and customer satisfaction.

Do not be tempted by freelancers who advertise explainer videos “starting at $5.” The end price will be far from $5 and the quality of the product will likely be subpar, at best.

If you have already fallen victim to these tactics, your experience may have ended something like this:


Freelancers who advertise promotional videos on websites like Fiverr and Upwork set an enticing low starting point. By the end of the project, each image and each revision may be additionally charged, resulting in an inflated bill for an amateur, cookie cutter product.

THE COST:  Allowing yourself to fall into the $5 video trap will eventually cost more money as well as valuable time. In the end, an unusable end product will fail to convert or achieve the original video objectives. As cliché as it sounds, you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to explainer videos.

Personal Touch vs. Project Number

Explainer videos are an effective and appealing way to introduce a brand, but they are also used by businesses to launch new products, introduce new teams, or explain changes within a business. With so many uses for the video medium, it makes sense that teaming with a video professional to handle multiple projects throughout the years is ideal.

When businesses partner with professional video animation companies, a dedicated project manager is assigned to the client to handle all present and future business. For example, here at wizMotions we use CRM systems so as the project manager learns about the mission of the business, we log every detail and direct all future video production or video editing, according to the needs of the client.

Or, your business video can be a “gig.” that looks something like this…

2016-04-29 (6)

Freelancers who advertise $5 or $100 explainer videos make their money in two ways:

  1. Upselling so that the final bill is far from $5.
  2. Knocking out “gigs” very quickly in order to profit on high volume.

THE COST: Cutting corners and using random freelancers to produce each video that your business needs over the years will result in a disjointed portrayal of brand. Time will be wasted as your business model must be explained and re-explained to each new freelancer. Developing a relationship with a project manager employed by a professional video company who is dedicated to the needs of your business ensures that your message and video quality will remain consistent and true to your company culture.

Professional Script vs. Writing Your Own Script

Now, let’s talk about the first most important element of the video, the script (aka story or narration).

The video script is the “make it or break it” point of any video.

If you are capable of writing a professional level script that hits the viewers’ pain points with the ideal word count for the desired length of video, BRAVO! But most businesses are talented in their industry, not in script writing.

Freelance video animators who advertise $5 videos assume that you will be providing a polished script that is the optimal number of words for the length of the video.

Do you know how to do that?

You have a couple of options:

Option #1. Become an expert by start learning how to write all by yourself

If you’re not familiar with the “10,000 Hour Rule”, check out this video…

Malcolm Gladwell states that exceptional expertise requires at least 10,000 hours of practice — and at my opinion, that’s 100% correct. If that wasn’t correct, then how the best of the best (the Michael Jordan, Bill Gate, etc.) all invested more than 10,000 hours of practice before rising to the top, right?

Option #2: Let a copywriting expert write it for you.

Working with wizMotions, you can take advantage of the skills of our award-winning copywriter on this. Not just it will save you enormous amount of time but most importantly we’ll put together a video script that will hold your viewers on the edge of their seats and convert them into action-takers. And that’s what our dedicated copywriters do for a living. They are our “10,000+ hour” experts.

THE COST: Taking a crash courses on script writing will cost you and your business valuable time and may not yield the professional result you need. Did you know that script writing is an actual job and people study human psychology, marketing, and writing for years to hone the skill? Rely on a professional rather than costing yourself time, money, and aggravation.

Does your business want to hang out with low budget start ups and amateurs?

Or does your business need an actionable explainer video to convert leads to sales and communicate a compelling message?

There are many more reasons why relying on a professional video company is the smart choice, but after diving into these four reasons, we didn’t think you needed to hear any more.

If a $5 or 50 video is not providing results, in other the video is not converting viewers into action-takers it will cost you $50… but a $700 world-class explainer video that is based on neuroscience principles may double, triple (even quadruple) your business.

We’re very excited every time we receive a success story from a client — and we received over 300!

From tech to health industry…all the way to car dealership, real estate to finance and more.

Check out few of the amazing results we received from wizMotions customers…


The most common mistake people make when they need an explainer video for their business is that they view the transaction as an expense instead of an INVESTMENT.

We’ve heard many horror stories from our clients who had some really bad experiences with some video animation companies that seem cheap in the short run, but charge you for every single thing, won’t make revisions, don’t offer custom art, and aren’t responsive to your messages.

Your business is unique and deserves results. Get in touch with wizMotions today!


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